Ready for Bed Kit - Reward Chart and Bedtime Pass

Is your child waking multiple times each night, stalling before bed, waking up too early or any other number of bedtime problems! Our Ready for Bed Kit contains a magnetic reward chart and a bedtime pass, two tools that use the power of positive parenting to achieve a desired outcome.

The magnetic reward chart comes with an option to hang. The chart can be used for up to two children and comes with two name magnets, star magnets and START/REWARD/FINISH progress magnets.

The bedtime pass is a proven tool that can help reduce bedtime resistance and struggles. The kit comes with a high quality, acrylic bedtime pass that your child will love and hold on to!

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The Bedtime Pass

Studies have confirmed the effectiveness of the Bedtime Pass, especially for children 3 and up! The Bedtime Pass is excellent to pair with the Reward Chart if you are struggling with bedtime resistance.

The Bedtime Pass is a placard that can be used once a night in exchange for a special request, glass of water, extra hug, etc. If your child calls out for you or leaves his/her room with a request, you should respond, return him/her to bed and then take the Bedtime Pass away for the night. The visit should be short (only a few minutes) and have a specific purpose (and not to play). After the Bedtime Pass has been used, all other requests should be ignored.

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Recommended for Use with MELLA

The Ready for Bed Kit paired with MELLA is a the ultimate trifecta package to tackle any bedtime struggles. When using the Reward Chart with MELLA, the desired behavior should be to stay in the room until MELLA turns green!


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