Cal Prop 65

In 2016, California passed an amendment to Cal Prop 65 stating that any product sold in California that is not BPA-free is required to have a Cal Prop 65 warning. Other states do not require this warning. BPA-free materials are generally only required in products that come in contact with food and drinks (such as infant milk bottles, food storage containers, etc.).
Why do we have this warning?
While we pass 100% of the original Cal Prop 65 requirements (we are both lead and toxic free), because we sell to California residents, we are now required to affix this label to comply with California law.
Just because a product has this label does not mean it is unsafe for your use. California Prop 65 is a "right to know" law. This means that, once a chemical on the list is in your product, regardless of whether the product is safe or not due to this chemical, the company is merely required to inform California citizens that the chemical is present.
Are our products safe?
Yes! The ONLY component of our products that is NOT BPA-free is the A/C wall adapter that is used to plug each product into the wall. This part of the product should very rarely (if ever!) be in contact with your child's skin because it stays near the outlet and is not part of the clock interface itself.
Nevertheless, if your child does come in contact with the wall adapter, it would be akin to his/her touching non-food grade plastic.
Any questions?
Please reach out to us at or 650-395-7884 if you have any questions!