Demineralization Filters (for WISPI) (3 Pack)

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The LittleHippo WISPI humidifier can be used with or without the demineralization filter. By having multiple replacement filters on hand, you can ensure continuous enjoyment of WISPI without the fear of mineral residue or "white dust"!

  • Use a demineralization filter to reduce the amount of "white dust" emitted from your WISPI humidifier if your tap water has a high mineral content!
  • Beautifully and carefully placed into a glossy and chic package
  • Before the first use, soak the filter for 30 minutes in cool water. Place one demineralization filter inside WISPI's base, with the outer slits facing downward.
  • We recommend changing the filter after 250-300 hours of normal use or if WISPI has not been used for an extended period of time.

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