EVIE Sleep Training Clock, Sound Machine and Night Light

EVIE is the all-in-one Ready to Rise children's clock designed to promote healthy sleep habits. EVIE is an alarm clock, night light, white noise machine and nap timer all rolled into one adorable package.

  • DUAL ALARM CLOCK SETTING: Two separate alarms can be set, with five alarm sounds to choose from. Kids can choose their favorite alarm sound and select from four volume levels.
  • EVIE SLEEP TRAINER: At night, EVIE will light up blue and display the moon to remind the child that it's time for bed. When it's time to wake up, EVIE will light up green and display the sun, telling your child it's OK to get out of bed!
  • WARM NIGHTLIGHT: EVIE's night light is adjustable and provides a warm glow to the bedroom. 
  • WHITE NOISE MACHINE: Choose from seven soothing sounds including white noise to help your kid go to bed and stay in bed!
  • NAP TIMER: EVIE has a 15, 30 and 60 minute timer to choose from for your child's timed activities and naps.