Follow These 5 Instagram Accounts for Activities to Entertain Your Toddler

Follow These 5 Instagram Accounts for Activities to Entertain Your Toddler

April 08, 2020

With school and daycare closures, entertaining and teaching your young child every day requires a monumental effort. It's no wonder that parents everywhere have turned to social media for help. From Google Hangouts with classmates to virtual Zoom Mommy and Me classes, there's no shortage of substitute activities to get us through these times. We've curated 5 Instagram accounts that provide an abundance of ideas and activities for your toddler:

1) @busytoddler

@busytoddler's founder, Susie Allison, is a teacher turned stay-at-home-mom whose Instagram account provides tons of sensory activities and advice for toddlers (from potty training to sample routines). What we love about this account is that she provides activities for multiple age groups so you can likely find something for your kiddo!

Our favorites include a Lego color bath and literally all the sensory bin ideas!

Not only does Susie offer tons of free resources, she is also offering a quarantine discount on her complete play-based preschool curriculum!

2) @recycleandplay

For older kids who enjoy arts and crafts, @recycleandplay has great ideas using mostly recycled objects and things that would go into the trash. What's great about this account is that the activities are often sourced from other Instagram accounts, which makes it super easy to go down the rabbit hole of finding tons of easy activities that other parents have done already!

Examples of activities on the page include making spring flowers out of paper and toilet paper rolls and a color sort activity using pom poms, cardboard and recycled paper towel rolls.

3) @babyplayhacks 

It's really hard to find activities for children younger than 2 - these little tykes are just starting to walk and practicing their pincer grasps. That's why we love following @babyplayhacks  on Instagram. Owner Hannah provides easy play ideas for babies up to 18 months old. They're inexpensive, fun and easy to set up using every day objects!

Our favorites include the bead bag, ice hockey and sensory scarf bath.

4) @hellowonderful_co

Founder Agnes Hsu manages @hellowonderful_co, a beautiful page featuring creative kid activities. Seriously - she somehow makes kids activities look beautiful instead of... messy.

We love this account because there are tons of videos, not just photos, so you can actually see the activity in action.

Fun activities on the page include balloon tennis and minute to win it type activities - all things that can be enjoyed especially if you have multiple kiddos running enough!

5) @littleoneslearn

Molly, the owner behind @littleoneslearn, provides not only fun but also educational indoor and outdoor activities for children up to age 7. We love how she has highlights sorted by age group so we can easily check out age appropriate activities.

What we love about this account is that many of the activities don't require much, if any, set up at all - no need to create Pinterest perfection here! Examples of low-effort activities include organizing your sock drawer together (a matching activity), doing a shape hunt with toys you already have, painting words with Q-tips, and more!

With everyone trying to juggle working, taking care of children, and caring for their loved ones, the most important thing to remember is that we are all doing the best we can. Sometimes, the most imaginative, creative play can evolve from low-cost, easy-set-up ideas!

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