Whew! We made it!

July 30, 2018

Happy summer! I meant to write this "closing" update months ago (oops) but this year has seriously gotten away from me. I haven't forgotten about you though - and wanted to thank you one more time for backing our Kickstarter campaign. With your help, we officially (and successfully!) launched MELLA earlier this year. 

Here are a few of our accomplishments:

1) We fulfilled ALL backer rewards by ALL promised deadlines - high five!

2) We released a new color called Tropical Teal - which you can take a look at HERE 


3) Our MELLAs have been updated!

Based on popular customer feedback, we've already begun to iterate on MELLA and will continue to do so as often as we feasibly can since we care a lot about making the best possible product on the market. 

The newest iteration of MELLA, which is available NOW, has the following updates:

  • A silent nap timer feature - users can now select the option for a green light to go off at the end of the nap rather than an audible sounding alarm
  • There is now a lullaby sound option in lieu of the rain sound
  • We've further strengthened the durability of MELLA's internal components and assembly

There are so many more things we want to do and are planning to do with MELLA. As you probably know, it takes a LOT of development and testing to make even small changes to make sure we don't totally mess things up. We're so excited to see what the future holds!

What's next?

The positive response to MELLA has been so overwhelming and we are both humbled and thankful. We're looking to expand our distribution channels but are making sure we do so strategically so we don't grow too quickly beyond our capabilities.

As for new products coming out of LittleHippo - we're working on that too. We do have something in the pipeline though (*squeals*) and if you love MELLA, you'll love this too!

For now, thank you once again for your earliest support. Your contribution to our campaign, your feedback, your referrals to family and friends - they have meant everything to us.

Best always,

Stephanie, co-founder

P.S. There are, like, five of you who haven't gotten your rewards since we don't have any of your information... Don't you want your MELLA?!?! Please email me at support@littlehippo.com if you need help getting your rewards :)