Survey Lockdown and Development Update

December 07, 2017

Hello everyone!

BackerKit Survey Reminder

We plan to lock down all BackerKit surveys on Friday, December 15th at 11:59 PM PST - after that, you will not be able to make any edits, so if you have any last minute changes, please go into your survey now to finalize your survey!

Just a friendly reminder to the 100 backers who have not yet responded to their BackerKit survey - please respond ASAP, as we need to know your color choice and shipping information. Any delays in answering your survey will delay your shipment. If you don't complete the survey at all, we can't send your reward :(

If you can't find your original survey email, click HERE and enter the email associated with your Kickstarter account. Or, you can send us an email at and we can assist you directly.

Development Update - MELLA and KELVIN

Production on MELLA and KELVIN are chugging along according to schedule!

In the next few days, we will complete assembly of MELLA's PCBA (the circuit board that allows MELLA to work the way it's supposed to!).  After that, MELLA will be fully assembled on the production line and then shipped to the United States. Eeeeee!

As for KELVIN, we are waiting on a final lab report to make sure that KELVIN's humidity calibration is accurate, which we expect to receive in the next few days. After that, we'll proceed to write KELVIN's much simpler PCBA and proceed to full assembly as well.

Little Hippo Mug

For all our backers who pledged for our adorable mug, we received the shipment earlier this week!  HERE IT IS IN MY HAND:


If you pledged for a mug only, you will receive it shortly after we lock down all BackerKit surveys (this month!).

If you pledged for a MELLA and a mug, you will receive the mug when we ship out your MELLA(s).

That's it for now!  Happy (almost) weekend!

- Stephanie